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CPD Accredited
Online Test of Maritime English for Cruise Ship Staff
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The Virtual Training Centre has a suite of English language tests designed for assessing the language level of seafarers, maritime crew and other associated staff.

This CPD Accredited online test assesses the candidates’ English language competence up to Elementary/Pr-Intermediate level as recommended by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Under the International language testing system, the course meets with the European standard (CEFR): A2/B1 and the North American standard (ILR) level 1+/2.

This test is designed to help employers make recruiting and training decisions by assessing the English language understanding and skills of existing or potential cruise ship employees. It is suitable for people of any role, rank or nationality.

The following are the five key learning objectives that are associated with the course.

Comprehension of spoken and written emergency commands.
Location and purpose of health and safety and emergency equipment.
Ranks, roles and routines of crew members and officers.
Interactions with customers, fellow crew members and officers.
Understanding areas of the ship and directions.
Responding to customer needs: Food and drink orders, directions, everyday problems.
Time and numeracy situations involving customers and crew.

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Price: £20 +VAT (where applicable)
Duration: 1 Hours | Online Course
Assessment: Fully Online
Certification: CPD Accreditation Group


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