ESTS International is a provider of both accredited and customised security courses and programmes. We have Approved Centre status by the UK DfT Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) and Edexcel. We provide courses in Maritime Security (MARSEC), Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), Anti-Kidnapping, Personal Security, Close Protection and Commercial Security. We also provide Clients with Security Consultancy Services and design and deliver Specialist Security Training.
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CPD Accredited
Online Personal Security Awareness for Students & Young People Travelling Abroad
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This CPD Accredited course has been specifically written to provide young people travelling or working overseas during gap years, student exchange programme or simply backpacking around the world, with an extensive awareness of security-related and common sense subject matter. There are also downloadable checklists for you to assist in your planning and emergency response measures.

The course covers the areas that need to be considered in order to effectively assist in the mitigation of the risk of a security-related incident whilst travelling, living, studying or working overseas.

The course also covers topics such as local customs and cultural awareness, security considerations whilst using local modes of transportation, and relevant safety issues including emergency response planning and measures amongst many other topics.

The following subjects are covered on this online course:

Pre-Travel Considerations
Your Travel Plan
Personal Security Requirements
Arriving In-Country
Going It Alone
Understanding the Environment
Planning for an Emergency
Local Customs & Cultures
Maintaining Communications
Residence Safety & Security
Local Modes of Transport
Emergency & Contingency Plans

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Price: 35 +VAT (where applicable)
Duration: 3 Hours | Online Course
Assessment: Not Applicable
Certification: CPD Accreditation Group


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