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Emotional Resilience Programme Module 4: Establishing Resilience
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This is the defining layer of your Emotional Resilience, it is this Establishing Resilience part which enables you to develop and maintain the vital enthusiastic commitment to your long-term goals, foster a healthy work/life balance which will empower you to bounce back time and again.

At this point, its important for you to realise that your Emotional Resilience actually breaks into TWO development aspects within yourself:
The Emotional part of you - the way that you can map and analyse your emotional responses into your current situation, then utilise your 7 social emotional skills to channel your thinking and behaviour into day-to-day life;
The Resilience part of you how you then connect 3 social emotional skills into this, to stay focused and access the logical part of your Brain to better understand and navigate around any situation you find yourself in. It is this which enables you to sense the opportunities which exist, then study the possibilities to build a genuine optimism and passion to bounce back from adversity.

The Emotional Resilience Course is a learning and development process pioneered internationally by Jay Baughan, designed to support the building of awareness and skills within adults and young people in some of the most challenging of environments.

The Course de-mystifies the science and incorporates tried and tested psychological methodology, to provide a logical and easy to follow learning and development process that builds a capability for emotional resilience.

Each exciting Programme Module provides Building Blocks, and Coaching Strategies to be used in real-life.   

In this final Module the focus is on how, when the Emotional part of you is in check, it is possible to look outside of yourself and plan to move forwards, to find solutions and stay on a chosen course, or overcome a difficult time in your life without depleting energy levels, resources and opportunities. Establishing Resilience is the way you learn to get out of bed each day, feel energised and move forwards - despite your current circumstances.

This concluding Module allows you to put into place the final layer of your Emotional Resilience model. You will learn why it is important to work hard at developing the Emotional part of you, to feed the Resilience part of you. You can then create yourself a very powerful self-development process that can be managed by you, for you.

You will be able to define a cluster of three social emotional skills within you and directly relate them to how you manage your life and the situations you find yourself within.
You will understand the key building blocks to your source of emotional energy, that drives an enthusiastic commitment to long-term goals and maintain a view of the big picture.
You will be able to monitor and develop these three skills using an array of strategies that can be practiced in all walks of your life.

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Price: 25 +VAT (where applicable)
Duration: 45 Minutes | Online Course
Assessment: Fully Online
Certification: Certificate of Completion
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