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Emotional Resilience Programme Module 2: Self-Awareness & Self-Management
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Developing your Self-Awareness & Self-Management is a vital competency which will enable you to cope with and manage your emotional experiences you have minute by minute and day to day.

Cultivating the skills of Self-Awareness & Self-Management brings you an emotional balance, which involves learning how to recognise when you are experiencing emotions but in a helpful way. By using the appropriate social emotional skills you will identify elements of your emotional life that are out of balance and may have become destructive.

The Emotional Resilience Course is a learning and development process pioneered internationally by Jay Baughan, designed to support the building of self- awareness and skills within adults and young people in some of the most challenging of environments. The Course de-mystifies the science and incorporates tried and tested psychological methodology, to provide a logical and easy to follow learning and development process that builds a capability for emotional resilience. Each Module provides Building Blocks, and Coaching Strategies to be used in real-life.   

Self-Awareness & Self-Management: This is the second Module in the Course, leading you on from the last Module which introduces how human emotional needs drive emotional experiences.

This Module takes you into a set of skills which enable you to recognise and control your thinking, and behaviour during emotional experiences, moving yourself from an emotional state of mind to a logic state enabling you to think logically and rationally during difficult situations.

You will be able to develop a process for staying calm in stressful situations and maintaining productivity without losing control. It considers how decisions are made and how you project a composed, reliable presence. The second of the four Modules provides the three key things for you to take away:

You will be able to define a cluster of three social emotional skills within you and directly relate them to how self-aware you are.
You will Understand the key building blocks which sit within each skill, and how to use these effectively within emotional charged situations to take charge of how you manage yourself with the emotions such as: anxiety, fear, anger and frustration as well as: excitement and elation.
You will be able to Monitor and develop these 4 skills using an array of strategies that can be practiced in all walks of your life.

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Price: 25 +VAT (where applicable)
Duration: 45 Minutes | Online Course
Assessment: Fully Online
Certification: Certificate of Completion
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