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Emotional Resilience Programme Module 1: Exploring Your Emotional Needs
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By managing your life through your Emotional Needs, you are working through your emotional core. You can understand and better regulate your emotional responses during distressing situations, and this enables you to use skills to overcome difficult circumstances! Being emotionally resilient doesn’t happen by chance, it is an ongoing learning and development process which begins with you needing to build an ability to identify the root causes of any overwhelming emotions.

During difficult times we are impacted by emotions, which often mean we get “stuck” in an emotional state of mind and we can’t function logically – we think, say and do things totally out of character. By developing awareness and skills, it’s possible to navigate yourself into a rational and logical state of mind – where you can make positive decisions, better communicate and find solutions.

The Emotional Resilience Programme is a learning and development process designed to support the building of awareness and skills within adults and young people in some of the most challenging of environments. The module de-mystifies the science and incorporates tried and tested psychological methodology, to provide a logical and easy to follow learning and development process, which builds a capability for emotional resilience.

Each Module provides the key Building Blocks, and Coaching Strategies to be used in real-life.

This is the first Module in the Programme, which introduces how the Brain and Emotions operate, then breaks-down the basics of human emotional needs, before establishing a Model for mapping and exploring Emotional Needs – in yourself and others. The first of the four Modules provides the three key things for you to take away:

You will be able to define a cluster of six emotional needs and directly relate them to yourself.
You will understand the key building blocks which sit within each emotional need, and how to determine specifically approaches to change situations/thinking to alleviate powerful negative emotions, such as: anxiety, fear, anger, frustration.
You will be able to map your emotional needs into a model, to analyse your life situations and pinpoint how you are meeting your emotional needs.

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Price: £45 +VAT (where applicable)
Duration: 45 Minutes | Online Course
Assessment: Fully Online
Certification: Certificate of Completion
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