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Communication & Performance Management
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This online Communication & Performance Management course covers everything that is needed to create the right environment to develop an effective “Performance Management System”, that will allow the learner to create increased levels of performance. The course is written in a way that will engage with the learner and allow time for self-reflection about both themselves and their work place environment.

The course has been developed using a combination of “reading, voice, and self-reflection”. All of the modules are supported by the methodology R.A.I.L™:

Reflect On the new learning (s)/ examples (s) / behaviour (s).
Analyse What you need to change and how?
Learn What has worked/What still needs to happen? What help may be needed?

This will ensure that for each part of the learning that all the tools are available to fully introduce into the work place. Leaders can make or break their teams.

Leaders have a duty to develop their teams and individuals in such a way that they achieve their potential and more. Performance Management once properly understood can deliver more than the sum of the parts.

The following subjects are covered in great detail within this online Communication & Performance Management Course.

The Art of Communication
Values & Vision

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Price: £39.95 +VAT (where applicable)
Duration: 2 Hours | Online Course
Assessment: Not Applicable
Certification: Certificate of Completion


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